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My name is Brennan, and I’m the super-type-A, gotta-have-a-plan blogger that runs this little corner of the web. As a 20-something wife & introvert, my favorite place in the world to be is at home with my husband/bearded best friend, Evan. And while our home & life will never be perfect, we’re all about making it restful, welcoming, intentional, and well- manageable.

Which leads me to Our Home on Purpose.

Here, you’ll find valuable resources & ideas to do the same for your favorite space. I believe that the rigth systems can make room- in our minds and in our schedules- for more meaningful activities, such as play & rest with those we love, helping others, or just growing as a person. 

I also believe that we all benefit when we share our strengths with each other and are honest with our struggles! The Internet can be a place of comparison but it is also chock-full of great ideas and can help us realize we’re not alone. I hope you find both of those here. ♥



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Most Popular Resources

How to declutter, clean & maintain your home throughout the year so nothing slips through the cracks (free printables!)

Yearly Home Maintenance Schedule – made first for my own home and tested over two years, this rotating schedule breaks down all the tasks related to home maintenance, cleaning and decluttering so that you’re handling it throughout the year- without even thinking about it!


Meal Planning Series – a truly step-by-step guide that explains exactly how to meal plan, even if you’re unsure or intimidated by the idea. The free printables go hand-in-hand and give you what you need to get started!

My Personal Favorites

meaningful gift ideas for friends, family, him, her, diy, budget

Intentional gifting is something I’m personally working on, so 5 Meaningful Ways to Gift This Year is my current favorite with an awesome brainstorming worksheet!


meals to take to others, someone, new moms, after surgery, grieving, sick, moving, neighbor, easy recipes

Check out these 10 easy, delicious meals to take to others when they’re sick, moving, welcoming a new baby, or just need some help. There are great options based on food allergies & dietary restrictions, too!


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