Welcome to Our Home on Purpose

At Our Home on Purpose, we help busy people like you create margin in their lives through homemaking on autopilot.

More than just tips, tricks, or checklists, these systems intentionally leverage the power of:

  • Rotations & Routines,
  • Reusable Resources
  • Powerful Habits!

Our goal is to minimize the thought, time, and willpower involved in the most common home stressors.

Whether it’s taking care of your home, planning and preparing food, or managing all of life’s admin. We create smart systems that streamline your processes and handle the mental work for you.

Our Home on Purpose‘s Resources are All Focused on 3 Main Areas.

1. Personalized

Homemaking is not one-size-fits-all. Generic checklists can feel more burdensome than helpful. We need systems that are personalized to meet our needs and custom-fit to everyday life.

2. Automatic

We spend too much time recreating the wheel and too much mental energy tracking every little thing in our heads.  Rotating, recurring, reusable systems can do that work for us.

3. Habits-Based

The secret to systems that really work and actually last? Habits. We need to shift our focus from constantly mustering up willpower to using research-based strategies to form lasting habits.

If you…

  • Feel constantly overwhelmed and unmotivated
  • Desire to rest and shift priority to more meaningful things
  • Value efficiency, and high quality, lasting solutions

then you’re in the right place.

Then check out our full directory of solutions – from Our Home on Purpose and others…

…and if you want more in-depth, customized solutions, then check out our product, Home, Clean Home as well!

Note: As of July 24, 2023, Brennan Brown is no longer involved with the maintenance of Our Home On Purpose. The site is now being run by Theo Korstanje. This site would not exist without all of Brennan’s hard work!