Do you write about homemaking, home management, or simplifying your life?

Do your readers struggle with keeping their home clean & functional without it consuming their lives?

Do you wish you could help them create a more stress-free, sustainable, natural way of caring for their home?

Let’s work together!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

You will earn 40% of every sale. Most updated pricing can be found on the product sales page. Exact earnings vary with small processing fees, as well as current promotions & discounts used.

How long is the referral period (cookie period)?

You will receive credit for any purchases made within 30 days of using your affiliate link.

Will I receive promotional materials and support?

Yes! Once approved, you will receive access to the Affiliate Resource Portal. I provide:

  • A custom affiliate link formatted [your affiliate title]
  • Branding book (product title, formatting, descriptions, fonts & colors)
  • Marketing language and testimonials
  • Logos & overview images
  • Ready-to-share social media posts
  • Ideas for incorporating affiliate links
  • Collection of my favorite blog posts, guides, and paid resources regarding affiliate marketing strategy

Do I need to purchase before becoming an affiliate?

You are not required to purchase Home, Clean Home in order to be an affiliate.

However, the most genuine and successful affiliate campaigns come from personal experience. 

Best Case: Recommend the product based on your own purchase and implementation of Home, Clean Home. This will allow you to evaluate its helpfulness to your readers and describe real positive emotions and outcomes – which always results in more sales! 

Next-Best Case: If you already have a personal home cleaning system you love but would like to recommend a product to your readers, I totally get that. You can become familiar with the product outside of purchasing by:

  1. Watching the promotional “inside peek” video on the sales page 
  2. Taking the FREE Healthy Home Habits challenge to get a feel of the approach
  3. Making the most of the Affiliate Resources mentioned above – especially the product descriptions and user testimonials

To apply:

  1. Create an account at The account is completely free and will be the affiliate platform and payment gateway. I cannot generate your affiliate link without an associated account.
  2. Please complete the Google Form below.

All applications will be reviewed and approved within 2 weeks. If approved, you will receive your affiliate link from Gumroad in an email similar to the one below.

If you experience delays or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to partnering with you!