$1 DIY Dry-Erase Board (With Free Printable Templates!)

diy dry-erase board frame cheap printable

diy dry-erase board frame cheap printable

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Disclaimer: This might be the easiest DIY project you ever see or do. (Really, it’s not even a project – I just can’t bring myself to call anything a “hack”. 😛 )

It’s based on the convenient fact that all frames – whether with a plastic or glass cover – function just like a dry-erase board! This may be common knowledge to everyone, but it truly made me truly happy when I connected the dots.


 diy dry erase board frame cheap printable


The reason it makes me so happy is because I’ve used just a simple $1 frame from the dollar store* & a quick printable to make:


diy dry erase board frame cheap printable

The only “DIY” steps are:

  1. Clearing out all the 8×10 photo frames at your local dollar store (for me, that’s Dollar Tree* but I know every area has their regional & personal favorite 😉 )
  2. Adding an appropriate printable as a “template” behind the cover
  3. Securing your display – add magnets to use it on your refridgerator, add ribbon to hang it on an existing hook, or just prop it on a ledge with the existing stand!


Now that you know this life hack simple trick, the possibilities are endless! Plus, I’ve put together a bundle of templates for you to choose from.

diy dry erase board frame cheap printable


You can also order items in bulk from Dollar Tree online! I discovered it recently and love this for making multiple gifts using frames like these, or even vases & craft supplies! You can get $4.95 flat rate shipping or ship it to your local store for free*! 🙂

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

PS – I also love using frames for gifting (although I usually pick up a nicer one). For example, I almost always give dry-erase countdowns for my newly engaged friends! It’s a sweet way to say, “hey, I’m excited with you and can’t wait to celebrate too!” You can grab those printables over here with some other great ideas for engagement gifts 🙂


I’d love to hear what you use them for! Let me know in the comments below!

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