How to Meal Plan for Beginners + free printables! |

How to Meal Plan for Beginners + free printables! |

Once you have a recipe bank to pull from, now you grab your meal list printable and start filling it in. One of the best ways I’ve found to get the wheels turning is to choose your bulk ingredients and plan meals around those items.

Now, when I say bulk, I don’t mean just mean Sams or Costco shopping. “Bulk” can mean buying 5 lbs of potatoes instead of buying only 3 individual potatoes. Really, it applies to any time it benefits you to buy in larger quantities, like almost everything at Aldi- my favorite!

When I start out my meal plan, I try to think of several larger-quantity items I would like to use for multiple meals, whether it’s something on sale or if it’s just something I use often. For example, I know that my local grocery store sells about 4-5 sweet potatoes per bag, so I plan 2-3 meals using sweet potatoes. This means none go to waste, and I find that this gives me a lot of direction when choosing meals, rather than just wracking my brain for what sounds good at the time.

This also works for smaller quantities, too- like a pack of 4 zucchini, a larger portion of meat that can be split to cover two meals, or even dry ingredients like rice or quinoa. This process is perfect when you store your recipes in PepperPlate or any software that allows you to search by ingredient!

Hope this gives you a boost for your first meal planning sessions. You can get creative with your bulk ingredients, and it can also be a motivator to search out some new recipes!


Want the rest of the series, the printables, and a fast-track system to get you meal planning?

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